New E-Book Coming December 1, 2018

Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice: Re-shaping professional identity in counselling psychology. We are pleased to introduce a new e-book by Sandra Collins. This innovative e-book centres around the culturally responsive and socially just (CRSJ) counselling model she developed. It is organized into six sections based on the core domains in the model. Each section features both conceptual, theoretical chapters and applied practice examples in the form of short client scenarios, practitioner reflections, and case studies. Contributors from a wide range of professional and academic settings speak from the heart about how they apply principles of cultural responsivity and social justice with clients. All have applied practice experience in multicultural counselling and social justice.

The e-book is designed specifically with teaching and learning in mind. Dr. Collins has optimized the e-book platform by interlinking key concepts throughout all of the chapters in the e-book to the CRSJ counselling model as well as to an extensive glossary that defines each term, drawing on current professional literature. Readers are invited to move through the book in a less linear, chapter-by-chapter manner, by following themes across chapters. The ideas come to life by reviewing conceptual content and then seeing how those ideas are applied in practice by various contributing writers.

Please check out the Book Preview for an overview of this exciting new resource for counselling, psychology, social work, and other health-related disciplines. The preview site includes the detailed table of contents, preface, list of contributors, a portion of the first chapter, introduction to the e-book navigation, a glimpse into the enhanced glossary, and a list of features that make the e-book an important and unique contribution to the field.

To pre-order this e-book for winter 2019 courses, please see the Order page. Information on individual book orders will be posted shortly.

Teaching and Learning E-Guide (companion manual to the e-book)

Dr. Collins has also created an open source (free online) teaching and learning e-guide to accompany this text that is published through Athabasca University. The learning activities in the e-guide enhance and expand conceptual understanding and applied practice of the principles and practices in this e-book. See Sandra Collins’ author page for more information.