Sandra Collins

Sandra Collins, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Sandra Collins, Ph.D., R.Psych.I am a Professor of counselling psychology in the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology, Faculty of Health Disciplines, at Athabasca University. I have focused my research, writing, and teaching over the length of my career on multicultural counselling and social justice, with specific attention to working with refugees, LGBTTQI persons, women and girls. I am also very experienced in counsellor education, in particular online and blended delivery. This passion is evident in my choice of e-book platforms for my recent writing. Currently, I am working with my colleagues to infuse the focus on culture and social justice throughout the Master of Counselling program at Athabasca University.

E-Text: I am delighted to see the publication of my new e-book, Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice: Re-shaping professional identity in counselling psychology, through Counselling Concepts Publishing. I have loved working with each of the colleagues who have contributed to this e-book. They have done an excellent job of illustrating the principles of the culturally responsive and socially just (CRSJ) counselling model, which I introduce in the e-book, through their reflections and client stories.

Free E-Guide: I have also created an accompanying teaching and learning guide containing experiential learning activities that include creative, multimedia, interactive, applied practice, exploratory, arts-based, and self-reflective processes. These learning activities are designed for use in both online and face-to-face classes and include self-study, partner, and group activities and discussion prompts.

This e-guide is provided as an Open Source Resource, published through the Faculty of Health Disciplines , in keeping with Athabasca University’s commitment to knowledge sharing. I invite you to begin making use of the range of learning activities it includes.

For further information about my ideas and writing, please check out Sandra’s Reflections.