Announcing Publication. Embracing cultural responsivity and socially justice: Re-shaping professional identity in counselling psychology

Today is an excited day, because my new e-book is now available for purchase through Counselling Concepts publishing. This e-book presents a new model for culturally responsive and socially just (CRSJ) counselling. Here are some key features of that model:

  • CRSJ counselling moves beyond the infusion of cultural awareness and sensitivity into counselling¬† to support the reshaping of counselling and psychology theory, practice, and professional identity in a way that is actively and comprehensively responsive to cultural diversity and social injustice and inequities in our society;
  • CRSJ counselling reframes the concept of cultural competency by prioritizing cultural humility and cultural curiosity. The model is designed to enhance student and practitioner self-reflection, critical thinking, and cognitive complexity as a foundation for approaching all clients. CRSJ counselling begins and ends with who we are as people and how we position ourselves within the context of discourses of difference and marginalization within an unjust society.
  • CRSJ counselling positions social justice as inextricably intertwined with counselling practice by considering (a) how we engage in just relationships and just conversations with clients, (b) how we collaborate with clients to conceptualize problems from a contextualized/systemic perspective, and (c) how we co-construct goals and change processes that are responsive to client cultural identities and social locations;
  • CRSJ counselling assumes a both/and position by positioning social justice in counselling (a) primarily as a lens that enhances responsiveness of all aspects of the counselling process by taking into account client context and social location¬† and (b) secondarily as a guide for individual practitioners and the professions as a whole to collaborate with, or take action on behalf, our clients to effect change in the social determinants of health that often bring clients into our practices in the first place.¬†

You can read more about the CRSJ counselling model through this e-book Preview.